YouTube luminary MatPat announces retirement from The Game Theorists

MatPat is retiring…sort of. In a video uploaded earlier today, the 37-year-old YouTuber announced that he would host his latest video on his Games Theorists Youtube channel on March 9. After that, he will entrust the channel and its three spin-offs – Film Theory, Food Theory and Style Theory – to four members of his team.

MatPat, whose first name is Matthew Patrick, created his series Game Theory in 2011. His highly edited, fast-paced videos explore game lore remains one of the platform’s most famous and longest-running projects, and has spawned several related channels that have accumulated over 40 million subscribers combined.

Patrick and his wife and COO Stephanie have also become one of YouTube’s most recognizable and interesting creative forces outside of the platform. They have raised over $5 million for St. Jude Hospital through charity livestreams and co-produced the Broadway play Gray House in 2023.

The Patricks have also pioneered new ways for online creators to turn YouTube channels into a viable business: in 2022, the couple sold The Games Theorists to a UK-based startup called LunarX with the aim of expanding the channel’s programming without stifling their creativity in the process.

In the video announcing his retirement from The Game Theorists, Patrick notes that the wear and tear of content creation played a significant role in his decision to resign. “I don’t like the fact that Steph and I have prioritized work for over a decade…I miss the days when I could just sit on the couch with her and play video games and it wasn’t for the content.”

Patrick nevertheless plans to stay involved in content development on the company’s back end and even appear on the company’s other channels. He also plans to broadcast live on his GT Live channel through the end of summer and says he will host a Style Theory series about designer-created fashion lines in April.

Patrick’s is the latest in a line of YouTube creators who have recently announced their semi-retirement from the platform. January 1, the scientific creator Tom Scott announced he would be retiring from his channel for the foreseeable future and, in December, game creator CaptainSparklez announced that it would stop posting Minecraft gameplay videos after 13 years.

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