UK High Court Rejects Trump File Privacy Case


The High Court in London ruled on Thursday that a lawsuit filed by Donald J. Trump against Christopher Steelea former British spy who compiled a dossier in 2016 detailing unproven allegations of links between the former president and Russia would be dismissed.

The lawsuit was filed by Mr. Trump against Orbis Business Intelligence, Mr. Steele’s company. Mr. Steele had compiled the dossier and it was leaked to the press shortly before his inauguration as president.

In the decisiondelivered virtually Thursday morning, the court ruled that Mr. Trump “has no reasonable grounds to bring an action for compensation or damages, and no real prospect of obtaining such a remedy.”

The judge, Karen Steyn, said she had “not reviewed or made any determination as to the accuracy or inaccuracy” of the filing, and noted that Mr. Trump had said the allegations were “totally false”.

The British trial comes as Mr Trump faces a series of legal problems closer to home, facing multiple lawsuits and criminal charges. while leading a new campaign for the presidency.

Last week, Mr. Trump was also found guilty of defaming the writer E. Jean Carroll and ordered to pay him $83.3 millionafter she accused him of rape decades earlier and he repeatedly attacked her with messages and mocking statements.

Mr. Steele was a longtime officer of MI6, Britain’s foreign intelligence agency, and the dossier, prepared by his private research firm after his retirement from the agency, focused on investigating Russian efforts to target to influence the 2016 presidential election.

In the court file For the London case, Mr. Trump’s lawyers said he was “forced to explain to his family, friends and colleagues that the embarrassing allegations about his private life were false.” It was extremely painful. The former president had requested unspecified compensation.

The judge rejected this request for compensation. In reality, the plaintiff is seeking judicial findings to defend his reputation in circumstances where he has been unable to formulate a viable remedy that he would have a real chance of obtaining, or which would in itself be of any usefulness,” she wrote.


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