TikTok’s latest obsession is the 9-month Royal Caribbean World Cruise

TIC Tac’Google’s latest obsession has turned some people’s vacation months into a digital reality show.

A subset of TikTok closely follows Royal Caribbean’s world cruise. For what? Well, because the cruise lasts nine whole months. He stops all over the world, literally. You could go into this vacation without being pregnant and leave with a healthy baby. It’s travel with a capital T.

The cruise departed from Miami on December 10, and for those who remain on board for its duration, it will end on September 10 of next year. It’s no surprise that aspiring and aspiring influencers would end up on this cruise. What is a 274-night stay on a ship sailing around the world if not a content opportunity?

As the cruise is underway, people have begun to follow the lives of those on board and wait for the inevitable drama at sea.

Here, for example, is a look at some of the people who made this nine-month journey. posted by @noelmulk0 on TikTok.

There is also @nchimad who nicknamed himself Sea Tea Director on his TikTok profile. In other words, they spend a lot of time and energy understanding the drama of world cruising. They plan to follow everyone on the boat and see what happens.

“Everyone on board has access to unlimited alcohol,” they stressed in a message. “Unlimited alcohol for nine months.”

And there is an opportunity for things to go down. Think about it: there are a bunch of people posting their every move while live on the sea for nine months. It’s a small, soulful village that offers unlimited alcohol, cafeteria food and nothing but free time.

“Seven hundred people in the middle of the ocean. It’s basically a community, a small town,” @nchimad posted. “I have so many thoughts. I’m stressed. I’m excited. I’m nervous. It’s kind of like a social experiment… I might not be able to handle it, but I’m going to live vicariously through it. people. who can.”

So far, it looks like the people on board are having a good time. After all, right now, after a week, they are still on a normal vacation. What happens at month 6 is the real question.

Messages from those on board have been mostly positive. There have been many TikToks about food, drinks and outfits. Once again, this was to be expected. We are nine days in. But you have to imagine that someone is going to get tired of eating scrambled eggs for breakfast. Again in… oh… three months or so.

As TikTok has pointed out, the potential for drama is high, whether it’s interpersonal issues, frustration with accommodations, or simple cabin fever. The journey has only just begun and, rest assured, TikTok will be there to document it all.

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