The ‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ finale brought the most meta twist in reality TV history

The internet freaked out after an explosive moment in the finale of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

(SPOILERS AHEAD, obviously.)

In a strange and real story of Gossip GirlHeather Gay claimed that her colleague Monica Garcia ran a long-running account aimed at attacking and trolling the ROSLC casting. While admitting to some involvement in Reality Von Tease’s narrative, Garcia somewhat denied those claims — despite Gay promising and revealing tons of evidence — in a crazy final dinner scene with the entire cast. Surely, this will all be the subject of litigation, and then litigation again, in the upcoming three-part finale.

It’s hard to overstate how crazy the episode and reveal were. The other cast members were livid that Garcia was (at least somewhat) behind the times Instagram gossip account Reality Von Tease, who they said was preying on everyone. Garcia noted that her goal was to eliminate Jen Shah – the former ROSLC actor she previously worked for – who was convicted and sentenced to 6.5 years in prison for a fraudulent telemarketing scheme targeting seniors.

Either way, the internet freaked out about it, of course. The troll came from inside the house (from vacation in Bermuda)! It’s unlike anything else we’ve ever seen unfold beyond the scripted melodrama of Gossip Girl And pretty Little Liars. And it’s a fascinating study in digital culture: Trolling with anonymous accounts has become so common that trolls are get hired on the show they troll.

Reactions varied. Many people loved, or at least enjoyed, a good reality TV series.

Monica herself, meanwhile, weighed in on the drama. She posted to Reality Von Tease, signing the post as Gossip Girl.

Now, all this big revelation – which took place at end of season – people looking for more information and jumping down rabbit holes. Because that’s what the Internet does.

But some also pointed out that ROSLC The girls were way angrier with Monica than Shah — who ran a literal fraud scheme and gave Gay a black eye in Season 3, Gay eventually revealed. This all seems a bit strange.

It feels like there’s still a lot to be revealed, probably at the reunion. But one thing is certain: fans were captivated by the episode.

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