The most viewed video on TikTok in 2023 is a simple makeup routine

We watched a lot of Tic Tac This year. According to the screen time report on my phone, I spent about 260 hours watching TikTok videos, or almost nine consecutive days watching TikToks. And in all that time, one of the app’s most viewed videos never made it across my page.

According to TikTok Year in TikTok 2023THE best TikTok video of the year was from makeup artist Nyadolliewho posted a video of herself doing simple makeup in a hot pink top on March 8. The video, set to Grover Washington Jr.’s “Just The Two Of Us”, garnered 504.1 million views, 35.7 million likes and 1.8 million saves.

“The Year in TikTok 2023 is a way for us to honor some of the defining moments that happened on TikTok throughout the year. It’s a window into stories that have inspired, entertained and educated more than “a billion people around the world. Thank you for another year of bringing joy to our community and sharing your creativity with us”, Adam Presser, head of operations at TikTok, said in a news article.

Also on the list of most viewed videos this year was @justinflom’s Iron Man DIY, @through.the.lleaves showing off her huge kitten, @selenagomez’s pre-flight routine, @chrishoffish singing in a parking lot, ASMR food from @thezachchoi, @kaaaathhhhy’s tiny Frenchie with very big feelings, @kristy.sarah’s onion cutting hack It looks ridiculous but it could work, @tubbynugget reminds us all that everything will be okayAnd @bwpottery’s hard and messy pottery slips.

Have any of these TikToks appeared on your FYP?

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