The best posts from Gag City on X, in honor of Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday 2

Nicki Minaj says his new album “Pink Friday 2” will literally transport listeners to another world.

The rapper has referenced the fictional kingdom of Gag City in several posts and her fandom, the Barbz, took it upon themselves to make it a digital reality. Using AI software, the fandom created Gag City from scratch, just like Mayor Minaj’s pink-printed agenda.

The Barbz are just plain socially savvy, so they turned the track into an organic marketing strategy. The Barbz got free promotion for the album by creating virtual outposts of Gag City for dozens of brands – from Urban degradation has MattressFarm — then tagging the brands’ official accounts on X. When brands respond or repost, “Pink Friday 2” benefits from free advertising.

Here’s how the Barbz imagine Gag City being built, run and prepared for the album.

Nicki is a democratically elected dictator

The Barbz are getting organized

Unfortunately, poverty and policing still exist in Gag City

The celebrities are out

Public services are a priority

Residents of Gag City will be well entertained

Snacks are available

And they eat well in the neighborhood

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