Taylor Swift’s “Department of Tortured Poets” is already getting everyone talking

By 2024 Grammys Sunday evening, Taylor Swift surprised her fans by announcing her new album, The Department of Tortured Poets, while accepting Best Pop Vocal Album for Midnights, his first of two awards, including the final prize of the evening, Album of the Year. The title of the new album — The Department of Tortured Poets – East four long words, giving Swifties and casual listeners so much to say.

Swift rushed off stage and downloaded the moody black and white album cover for Instagram with a preview of a verse of poetry that ends with “All is fair in love and poetry…Sincerely, The Chairman of the Department of Tortured Poets.” Of course, speculation and jokes ran rampant. X/Twitter.

Immediately, fans began claiming the album as being for “English, classic girlies”. BookTok“tote bag carrying, bookstore wandering, literature-loving girls” and those who identify with dark university aesthetic.

Others made fun of the title album’s seemingly Tumblr-inspired cover. A user subtitle a Tumblr-era doodle with “His mood board when he names the album.” Another said“That girl in high school photography class who posted her homework on Tumblr with lyrics from 30 Seconds to Mars.”

Yet the dramatic black-and-white cover and wordy title also generated excitement. A fan exclaimed“The Department of Tortured Poets? YES. MILLENNIAL CRINGE IS THE TIME. TUMBLR CORE 2008. IT GIVES 274 PICTURES IN THE FACEBOOK ALBUM. MOVE OVER GEN Z, WE’RE BACK.”

Some have even started to theorize about The Department of Tortured Poets because if there’s one thing Swifties (and the Internet) love to do, it’s speculate.

If Swift Is President, Internet Casting Sex and the cityIt’s Carrie Bradshaw, Girls“Hannah Horvath, Little woman‘s Jo March, The Tumblr Teens and, of course, Circle of Dead Poets like his cohorts.

With just four words, a photo and a verse, speculation is underway. Fans thought the title might be a reference to Swift’s ex-boyfriend actor Joe Alwyn. In a meeting with Paul Mescal, the two revealed that they were participating in a group chat with Andrew Scott called “The Tortured Man Club.”

On April 19, all will be revealed.

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