Spotify Wrapped’s ‘Me in 2023’ Shines Light on Your Embarrassing Listening Habits

Spotify knows your complicated relationship with your annual Spotify wrapped, and the company fully relied on it this year. Its new “Me in 2023” feature reminds that not only Spotify knows What you listen, but he also knows the dirty secret of how you listen too.

Similar to last year Personalities listening, Me in 2023 assigns you one of 12 “listening personas” that reveal the distinct way you listened to music this year. They reveal whether you’re someone who listens to sad music in the dark (the “Vampire”) or whether you’re the type to listen to the same song over and over until you physically can’t stand it anymore (the “Time Traveler.”).

Other listening characters include the “Shapeshifter” (you quickly switch between artists), the “Luminary” (you’re well adjusted and play light, upbeat music), the ” Hypnotist” (you’re the type to play albums all the way through with deep concentration) and “Alchemist” (you make a lot of playlists). Each character is presented with their own unique graphic reminiscent of a tarot card. (Aura audioWe will never forget you.)

A screenshot of someone's Spotify Wrapped

Which listening character are you?
Credit: Spotify

Me in 2023 signifies a shift on the part of the streaming giant to embrace the way Wrapped is spoken about on social media, as something deeply revealing and sometimes demeaning. It even launched Wrapped stickers on social and messaging platforms like Instagram Stories, which you can use to censor your best, most unsavory and embarrassing songs and artists. One reads “redacted” and another says, “If you know, you know.”

A screenshot of Spotify Wrapped 2023.

Were you in good shape this summer?
Credit: Spotify

And for each of your top artists, Spotify will reveal your “peak listening month” in case you want to revisit the time when that particular artist composed the soundtrack to your life. Additional data this year includes the day you listened to the most music, which, again, is a way to reflect on the past year: the good, the bad, and the emotional. Ask yourself: why did you listen to 497 minutes of music on June 4?

Even though Me in 2023 might reveal something about the way you listen to music that mortifies you, this kind of collective commiseration does numbers on social media. Remember: Spotify is always monitoring.

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