Spotify Wrapped 2023 celebrates ‘the real stuff’ after a year of new AI features

Despite the launch of Spotify DJ Artificial Intelligence in February, the highly anticipated company event Spotify 2023 packed The campaign chooses to “celebrate real things this year”.

For the past nine years, Spotify Wrapped has had the definitive say on our listening habits (and year-end Instagram Stories) by sharing users’ top artists, songs, and genres of the year. But it doesn’t stop there: each Wrapped campaign is designed around a different theme that correlates with the passing year. According to Wrappé, 2022 was a year of “emergence” where “everything (happened) at the same time”, while 2021 it was about creating a soundtrack for the “new normal.”

We wanted to make it a boost to the onslaught of augmented stuff coming our way.

– Marie Rönn, Global Group Creative Director at Spotify

Wrapped 2023 highlights the “real stuff” amid a barrage of increasingly AI-generated content. “We wanted to make it a momentum towards the onslaught of augmented content that was coming our way,” Marie Rönn, global group creative director at Spotify, told Mashable during a press briefing on November 28. “We believe that all music “What people do and all fan reactions is what is real. When someone wants to express something with their music, it’s very real. And when we listen to a piece of music, this feeling we get is very real. ”

This year’s focus on reality versus augmentation appears to contradict Spotify’s use of generative AI in 2023. Not only did it launch its AI DJ which uses a combination of personalization technology, generative AI, curation and AI voice, but it also introduced AI voice translation for some podcasts using Open-AI’s voice generation technology. Neither seems particularly real. After all, AI DJ improves the way we listen and discover new music.

Additionally, X, the AI ​​DJ, will exclusively stream users’ Spotify Wrapped this week, adding some additional commentary. The Wrapped campaign includes the ability to walk through the Wrapped experience on Spotify Roblox Island and “climb the metaverse leaderboards” – all of which happens outside the realm of reality.

You can’t have your AI cake and celebrate reality at the same time.

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