‘Rizz’ is Oxford’s word of the year 2023

The Oxford University Press has declared it’s the word of the year and it’s pure internet slang. “Rizz,” the preferred abbreviation for “charisma” online, is the (un)likely winner.

“Rizz” beat out other worthy contenders, like situationality, disinfluence, parasocial, beige flagAnd Swiftie. OUP defined the word as “relating to a person’s ability to attract another person through style, charm, or attractiveness.”

The word has existed since 2022, when YouTuber Kai Cenat invented it. But it truly reached virality thanks to a June 2023 interview with actor Tom Holland, who said: “I don’t have any rice at all, I have limited rice.” This clip generated countless memes online, causing “rizz” to become ubiquitous in the world of internet slang.

Casper Grathwohl, president of Oxford Languages, said “rizz” speaks to “the prevailing mood of 2023, where more and more of us are opening up after a difficult few years and gaining confidence in who we are.” .

The 2023 winner is in line with last year’s: “goblin fashion”, another internet-specific term that only extremely online users would instantly recognize. Goblin Mode also started as a meme and then took off Tic Tac And even Spotify.

Some words chosen by the OUP have had a lasting influence in the global cultural lexicon, such as that of 2013 “selfies”2014 “vapoter”and 2018 “toxic”. Others, however, have already been rendered obsolete over the years. Only time will tell if “rizz” will stand the test of time.

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