Revealed: How to move from the UK to Australia – and how you could DOUBLE your salary once you get there. Are you tempted?


Are you considering moving to the Antipodes?

Compare My Move has put together a guide to the pros and cons of moving to Australia, which includes the similarities and differences between living in the UK and Australia, the cost of moving and living in Australia – and the differences in salary.

If you’re thinking of trading gray clouds for Australian sunshine, you’re not alone. Compare My Move says it is the most popular country for Brits to migrate to, with around 1.2 million Brits moving every year.

The company – which allows users to compare quotes from a network of verified moving companies – says Australia has a more relaxed work-life balance, higher salaries and good investment opportunities. Healthcare and education are also of a high standard and there are many job opportunities for expats.


Given that Australia is located on the other side of the world from the UK – 9,443 miles away – the company says you can expect international moving costs be significantly higher than moving to other countries.

Compare My Move has put together a guide to the pros and cons of moving to Australia.

Compare My Move has put together a guide to the pros and cons of moving to Australia.

Compare my move Research shows that shipping to Australia from the UK will cost an average of £5,258, based on a 40ft container, which is equivalent to the value of a three-bedroom house. If you require additional services, such as packing, this will cost around £250.

The total cost of international moves varies depending on factors such as the type of shipping used, the weight and number of items, and the distance traveled.

Although this price may seem high, there are many advantages once you get there.


Compare My Move claims that working in Australia is “much better” than in the UK. Salaries are higher, workplaces are more relaxed and there are many jobs available.

The average salary in Australia is AUD90,800 (£48,000), according to Time Doctor. This salary is not far from double the UK average of around £28,000, with Western Australian state salaries. 50 percent higher.

Workplaces and jobs in Australia are not much different from those in the UK, Compare My Move explains. And if you’re currently in a specific profession, you’ll likely be able to continue in a similar role when you move.

Cost of living in Australia compared to the UK, according to Compare My Move
Cost of Living Examples Australia UNITED KINGDOM
Public transport pass (monthly) £89.30 £67.60
Utility bills (monthly – one person) £92.90 £124
Gym membership (monthly) £40.80 £35.80
Taxi (five miles) £14.80 £14.20
A cinema ticket £11.30 £10.70
Beer in a pub £5.49 £4.53
Chicken breast (one kg) £6.95 £6.41
Cappuccino £2.71 £3.17
Data extracted from
The average salary in Australia is $90,800 (£47,998.70), according to Time Doctor.  This salary is almost double the UK average of £25,971.

The average salary in Australia is $90,800 (£47,998.70), according to Time Doctor. This salary is almost double the UK average of £25,971.


Average shipping costs from the UK: £5,258

Population – Over 26 million

Currency – Australian Dollar (AUD)

Main language – English

Number of British expats – 1.2 million people

Most popular cities for expats – Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney

The moving company adds that Australia is experiencing a skills shortage in certain professions, including childcare, construction, programming, carers and doctors. As a result, he argues, British citizens are likely to find employment quickly and easily, especially if they can fulfill these roles.


House prices are also cheaper in Australia, Compare My Move reveals. The average price per square meter for a property in an Australian city is $11,107.41 (£5,891.87). In the UK the price is around £8,275.97 per square meter.

The company adds, however, that properties outside Australian city centers cost $8,283.10 (£4,393.73) per square metre. In the UK, these properties cost £3,291.35 per square meter.

On average, buying a house in an Australian city is £2,384.10 cheaper than buying a house in a UK city. If you’re considering living in a city in Australia, Sydney and Melbourne are the most expensive areas, while Adelaide, Cairns and Perth are more affordable.

However, although property prices in Australia are cheaper overall, rental prices in Australia are higher. Compare My Move reveals that a one-bedroom house in Australia costs $2,284.71 (£1,207.67) a month to rent, compared to £906.99 in the UK. A three-bedroom house will cost around $3,738.52 (£1,976.13) in Australia, compared to an average of £1,607.79 per month in the UK.

The overall cost of living in Australia is also 13% higher than in the UK, according to the removal company. Although some living expenses are cheaper, like utility bills, most things are more expensive.

Although the cost of living is higher in Australia, Compare My Move notes that higher salaries help offset the increased costs.


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