Premium Bond Winning Numbers for February 2024: See all prices from £1,000 to £1 million and use our interactive tables to search for yours


Every month, more than a million Award-winning Premium Bond issues are chosen at random and two bondholders each pocket £1 million. Other prizes range from £25 to £100,000.

February 2024 update: The winners of this month’s £1 million prizes are based in Dorset and Wandsworth.

The winner from Dorset purchased the winning bond in 2008 and has a stake of £28,501, and the winner from Wandsworth purchased theirs in 2021 with a total stake of £10,400.

All premium bonds have an equal chance of winning a prize – now at 21,000 to 1.

Ernie: The (perhaps) fastest random number generator in the West.

Ernie: The (perhaps) fastest random number generator in the West.

The numbers, or more precisely strings of numbers and letters of different lengths, are selected by a machine known as Ernie – Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment.

We publish details of the top monthly winners, ranging from £1 million to £1,000.

Our tables are published on the 1st of each month or the next business day if it falls on a weekend or public holiday.

If you know your deposit number, you can see if you have won a prize using NS&I. Premium Bond Price Checker.

Our tables let you search by region or city, and you can rearrange the columns to see the value of your stake or bond and the date you purchased it. You can search the archives over the past year.

Premium bonds are a government savings product offered by NS&I that pay premiums but are of little interest to the luckiest investors. THE premium bond phone numberfrom the UK, is 08085 007 007 toll free.

Scroll below the tables to view our premium bond information files.

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