Pookie-loving Jett Puckett is TikTok’s favorite wife

If you have spent a lot of time on Tic Tac Lately, then you might be like me: wandering the halls of my house, muttering in a monotonous drawl, “Pookie looks absolutely on fire tonight.”

You can thank a guy named Jett Puckett for that. And of course, his wife Campbell, aka Pookie.

The TikTok account in question belongs to Campbell Puckett, and for the most part, it’s pretty healthy. It is Campbell and Jett who post about their lives, often involving Jett promoting his Pookie. It’s just the path Jett promotes Campbell. He talks about how amazing she is, but he also keeps it monotonous. It’s special and memorable.

For example, here is a video that has racked up over 6 million views. It’s just the couple revising their outfits before heading out on the town. But the phrasing of the phrase “Pookie looks absolutely amazing” is just perfect.

That’s pretty much their entire page. Pookie is dressed and Jett compliments Pookie. There are restaurants, glitzy trips, and all the other usual things you find on social media pages for couples.

But the story caught on because people seemed to appreciate Jett’s affection for his wife. And the way he expresses it. The guy talks about how fiery his outfits are without changing his tone. He East rather soft. And TikTok fell in love with Jett, considering him the ultimate wife. He’s apparently a wealthy guy who loves to worship his wife on his TikTok account, and many people to want that.

Lots of people on TikTok are talking about it. They copy Jett, discuss Pookie, or lip-sync to the audio of the couples’ messages. Even ESPN anchors and country superstar Zach Bryan participated.

Amid this virality, Campbell’s page amassed a quarter of a million followers. The Internet is obsessed with couples from time to time – and, of course, the Internet loves a good woman – so it makes sense that people would turn to the Pucketts. And Jett, the star of the show, has the nicest way of saying…well, just about anything.

So please join me reciting“Pookie looks absolutely on fire tonight.”

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