Pink Starbucks x Stanley Cup Dupes: Shop These 10 Alternatives

Stanley became Tic Tacfavorite cup brand of recent years, and thanks to a viral video in which a Stanley cup survived a car fire (and it still had ice cream in it!), it’s not hard to see why it’s a fan favorite. And the brand is making headlines again after releasing a pink cup in collaboration with Starbucks.

The scenes from the January 3 release at Target stores were reminiscent of the Black Fridays of yesteryear. People camped overnightqueue, and I rushed Stanley’s posting hoping to snag one of the $50 cups (there would have been approximately 35 to 40 cups per location, although this figure has not been confirmed). The cups are not available onlineand we doubt there will be any left in stores.

Pink Stanley Cups are now it costs about $200 on eBay. If you don’t feel like paying hundreds of dollars for a cup (or if you’re boycott Starbucks), we found some nice alternatives. These pink cups may not have the same ~status~ as the Stanley, but they’re still adorable and functional.

Here are some of our favorite pink Stanley dupes that you can get your hands on right now:

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