Our favorite TikTokkers of 2023: Francesca Scorsese, Meatdad and more

TikTok has gone through many eras in 2023. Creators have embraced their “youth,” starred in their own movie Wes Anderson films, and discussed the Roman Empire to satiation. But no matter the era, a select few creators have kept us coming back for more tunes, melodies, and words of wisdom.

In a time-honored tradition, these are the creators who enchanted us this year, from the standout to the more niche personalities who captured our attention during the crowded FYPs.

2023 has been the year of Scorsese, in more ways than one. In the cinema, director Martin Scorsese delivered the masterful historical epic Flower Moon Killerswhich Mashable named one of the best films of the year. Meanwhile, on the internet, his daughter and actress Francesca Scorsese has been delighting us with TikToks that have given us a glimpse into the life of one of the world’s greatest living filmmakers. Classics include Francesca explain modern slang to Martin with the help of cinematic prompts – “Lily Gladstone ate in Flower Moon Killers” – or the two dancing to “TWINNEM” by Coi Leray. You can also feast your eyes on seeing the couple take on a best film support (with a Dusk cameo) or my favorite, “The muse,” which sees Martin auditioning family dog ​​Oscar for a very important role. Transgenerational cinema at its best! — Belen Edwards, entertainment journalist

Oh, Rob. Where to start? In an Internet world full of established and growing businesses Irish icons, sad-looking boys lashing out at FYPs and self-deprecating comedians gathering points of view for their witty takes on humanity, Rob ticks all the boxes. And then he folds the paper, gives it a little kiss and offers you a bag of chips or a virtual cup of tea that you can’t participate in but really, really want. Also known by his username @GhoulCabin, Rob is simply a boy who makes silly little videos from her bed. He always drinks a hot drink or sends his viewers to Prison of beautiful peopleor inform us of poetic grace of his enemies. A Soft-spoken Irishman with a heart of gold wearing jeans and a fleecehe seems to Joan of Arc and Princess Diana, and he never fails to make me laugh. — Chase DiBenedetto, Social Good Reporter

Many singer-songwriters use TikTok to post their drafts, but few are as confessional and emotionally resonant as Jensen McRae.

You might remember her viral tweet in 2021: “in 2023, Phoebe Bridgers is going to release her third album and the opening track is going to be about plugging in the car while waiting in line to get vaccinated at Dodger Stadium and it’s going to make me cry.” She followed up with a song written in the style of Bridgers and released his haunting debut album in 2022 Are you happy now?

On TikTok, McRae posts songs that she just wrote and the favorite of the year, “untitled song from Massachusetts”, reflects on the impact of her relationship with a Christian-Bale-Batman-loving Massachusetts boy. She also speaks fluently A direction And Dusk memes and loves The idiot by Elif Batuman, a woman after my heart! — Elena Cavender, cultural journalist

As a personal music discovery platform, TikTok generally offers me more failures than successes — not to mention my general distaste for the app’s effect on the music industry as a whole. But my FYP grants me one shining star among viral clips and bad lip-syncers, and that’s Bryce, also known as @LockedGroove. I can literally always count on Bryce to suggest music that’s original, groundbreaking, or just plain robust, based on his incredibly extensive vinyl collection. Scroll through his page and discover stunning album art, rare box sets, and thoughtful reviews of new independent music. Or browse some of her varied recommendations, like these truly diverse picks in her roundup of 10/10 albumsoff the beaten track ‘90s hitand the curations of LGBTQ artists. Don’t like music? Weird! But you can still listen to his soothing ASMR-style narration, and maybe it will spark a passion for music in you like it has in his thousands of followers. — CD

The girls were pickers since the dawn of time. But Avery-Claire Nugent gave this ancient practice a new brand for the TikTok era by introducing us to the concept of clustering. Basically, Girls Who Cluster places trinket dishes filled with beautiful things and delicate everyday objects around their living spaces. They place candlesticks atop stacks of magazines – a chic fire hazard – next to a vintage ashtray filled with matchbooks. They collect their photo strips and mini Polaroids in a ceramic bowl on their nightstand and assemble an assortment of satin hair bows and perfumes alongside important items like their birth control and house keys. Girls Who Cluster surround themselves with things they love – trinkets, keepsakes, photos, jewelry, books and anything that makes them happy, which is exactly why Nugent’s bundled content has given me so much joy this year. — Crystal Bell, culture editor

I don’t have children, but in 2023, I really looked into my father’s interests. Books about World War II? You bet your ass. Sounds like Jimmy Buffett? Oh hell yeah, bro. So it’s no surprise that a TikTokker who helped me get through the year goes by @MeatDad.

And he posts exactly what you might expect: TikToks about meat. As a longtime butcher, he has carved out a niche teaching people how to save money and reduce waste. A typical Meat Dad TikTok involves some mild profanity and a detailed explanation of how to save money, usually by breaking down a large piece of meat you find on sale. And, not to be too preachy, but if you want to eat meat, the least you can do is not waste it.

Other TikTokkers might have made me laugh more in 2023, but damn if I hadn’t followed Meat Dad’s advice. He taught me, for example, that a Chuck roast tastes about the same as a ribeye for a fraction of the cost. EXCITING, RIGHT?

OK, so Meat Dad isn’t exactly a sexy choice for a favorite TikTokker, but I’m a guy who loves to cook and can’t resist a deal. His account was tailored to my interests. Sometimes you just have to stop worrying and love the fact that you’ve become a childless father. — Tim Marcin, cultural journalist

Some may view TikTok as “the dance app” or assume its trends are just jokes, but Caitlyn is doing neither. She offers her subscribers (and anyone else who happens to come across one of her thoughtful videos) a rigorous analysis of cultural moments. She meets young people where they are and connects current topics to larger themes, breaking down theory for a broader audience. She explained everything, from what the the manosphere is wrong American Psycho has democratic socialism. More recently, she unpacked the bow craze as the culmination of 2023 is the infantilization of women through memes. Trust me, you’ll want her to tackle every trend flooding our feeds in 2024. — THIS

Despite having over 3.9 million followers on TikTok, Tony Statovci still feels like an underrated creator in the field. It’s been incredible to watch his rise on the app, from sketches in his bedroom to collaborations with RDCWorld1 And Shaquille O’Neal. His hyperbolic, literalist style of comedy never fails to make me laugh, and it also helps that he’s as fat as I am. It’s also nice to see him develop further as a content creator with his streams on Twitch. On top of that, and more importantly, this man’s lush curls are enough to make anyone jealous. And for that reason alone, Tony is one of my favorite TikTokkers of 2023. I hope to have 3 million more followers in 2024 because he deserves it. — Chance Townsend, Associate Editor

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