Man using women’s restroom in park shot, beaten with gun, California police say


A man was shot after using the women’s restroom at a California park, police say.

The man told police he went to use the men’s restroom at Sylvan Park on Saturday, Jan. 27, but it was fully occupied, a Redlands Police Department spokesperson said in an email. email to McClatchy News.

He decided to use the women’s restroom, police said.

While in the women’s restroom, the man said “two girls came in and then left the restroom,” according to police.

Two people approached the man as he left the bathroom, and one of them shot him “in the leg and hit him in the head with his gun,” the police said. police.

The suspect left the scene in a silver SUV, police said.

As an officer stopped the SUV, the driver threw a gun from the car, police said.

A man, Rudy Daniel Vasquez, 33, and a woman were taken into custody, police said.

Vasquez was arrested and faces an attempted murder charge, while charges “against the woman as an accomplice” were forwarded to the prosecutor’s office, police said.

The victim, hospitalized, is in stable condition, according to police.

Redlands is about 70 miles east of Los Angeles.

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