Letterboxd Announces Reviews of TV Series Coming in 2024; Apparently I regret having said it

Letter boxthe film cataloging and review platform, will add TV series to its list in 2024. This news comes from the platform’s official X account, which responded to a tweet asking “Is there a plan to create a website/app like Letterboxd but for TV shows/series?” with the affirmative “The series will arrive later this year”.

This response was posted on January 3, which, given the account’s negative reaction to widespread media coverage of the post, was apparently too soon. When @DiscussingFilm, an it would be nice to live in a world where a small response to a tweet isn’t “news.”

In 2024, it’s hard to say what else a response like that might be considered for when tweeted from an official account. Who determines what constitutes “news” and what is not? For @Letterboxd, the lesson is learned the hard way. The account indicated that it was unable to share content on the platform. year review project because their “the inbox is too flooded this morning”, and that they are “too busy emptying it because of the TV tweet.” Oops!

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