Josh’s wine memes are flooding the internet because wine, right?

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but there is no such saying for wine and its label. Then maybe you can judge Josh’s wine. Yes. Josh’s wine.

Josh. Wine.

Josh Wine, to be clear, is not the name of an Eastern Kentucky University quarterback from the early 2000s. It’s not the stage name of a comedian from the 50s either. It’s a real brand. And it’s been the subject of viral memes in recent days.

It all started with a guy on Twitter with the username @OptimusGrind (sick) who wrote: “I’m not going to keep telling you to grow up and leave this Stella & Barefoot alone” (sicker) while posting a photo holding a bottle of merlot wine Josh (sicker).

Notice on the bottle it says Josh Cellars. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the name of a romantic comedy actor wrongly nicknamed “the next James Van Der Beek”. It’s the name of the brand. But among a certain circle of extremely online geeks, he’s more commonly known as Josh Wine. And the jokes were fantastic.

Initially, some people made fun of the name because Josh Cellars or Josh Wine is an obviously ridiculous name for a brand. It’s just. I love it. But that’s stupid. This is extremely stupid.

There were also people making fun of the original poster for denouncing people who buy Barefoot while he was touting Josh Cellars. Because, you know, how good can Josh’s wine be? For context, this regular sized bottle of josh (lmao bottle of josh) costs around $15, while a barefoot jug will cost you $12. @OptimusGrind may have been right about the difference in quality between the respective wines, but the memes persisted. And to be honest, the jokes were good.

Josh’s wine talk continued through Friday. Frankly, it’s a welcome relief. On the one hand, it’s hilarious to post about wanting a glass of this Josh. But memes are also an artifact of what Twitter once was. The site has become progressively less fun since around 2016 before embarking on a steep dive into the The Elon Musk/X era. What was once a site for jokes and stupid memes – alongside news – has become a cesspool for derision, anger and bad headlines. It’s become rare that we can get together and make stupid jokes about something stupid, like Josh Cellars.

Actually, to that end, it took about a week for Josh’s wine meme to catch on because, well, funny, silly things don’t happen that often on X/Twitter anymore.

So you know what? It is Friday. I’ve had a long week. Someone give me a big dose of Josh. You know what? Get yourself a chalice of this Josh, post a few memes, and laugh on Twitter for once. We deserved it.

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