Internet conspiracy theorists are convinced aliens appeared at a Miami mall

My friends, if extraterrestrials ever make their presence known on Earth, I think it’s extremely safe assume that aliens capable of interstellar travel would not appear in a Miami mall. And yet, that’s what the internet convinced itself this week.

Earlier this week – on New Year’s Day – there was a fight at Bayfront Marketplace in Miami. Teenagers reportedly set off fireworks, which sparked a fight and some chaos, as some people seemed to assume there had been a shooting. Four people have been arrested after dozens of police cars rushed to the scene.

Somehow people have been speculating about the presence of aliens…at…the mall. This TikTok from @jackmacbarstool walks through the conspiracy, although she perhaps gives a little too much credence.

The whole conspiracy began, it seems, on the basis of two ideas. First: that the police presence was too heavy for a simple fight. And two: one video that people said showed a massive, looming figure.

The large police presence is quite easy to explain. This is America and, unfortunately, we see mass shootings in public places all the time. If there was a panic scene, fights and loud bangs, it makes sense for all police in the area to rush to the scene.

As for the big “aliens” in the videos. They are not aliens. They’re just shadows, people.

“What we see in this clip is the shadow of someone walking,” a Miami police spokesperson said. told TMZ. “If you look at the bottom of the shadow, you can see the person. No creature.”

But here we are on the Internet, and once people latch on to something, it becomes a thing. There were many conspiracy theorists on TikTok and X (Twitter) claiming it was everything from an alien invasion to a biblical event. There were also a lot of jokes about how ridiculous it all was.

So no, aliens haven’t invaded a Miami mall. But the Internet can and will believe anything.

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