Glen Powell is mistaken for Justin Hartley at the Golden Globes and has the perfect response

Glen Powell may not have been there Golden Globes 2024but he still managed to get caught on the red carpet.

At least he did, according to an X/Twitter message from The Hollywood Reporterwho accidentally confused Anyone but you star with It’s us star Justin Hartley. “Glen Powell arrived tonight for the 2024 #GoldenGlobes ceremony,” the outlet posted, above a photo of Hartley, not Powell, standing on the red carpet.

As you can imagine, many people on X quickly reported the error. And one of them was Powell himself.

“I think this is the perfect time to announce that @justinhartley and I will be starring in the most boring body swap movie ever,” Powell joked.

Sensing success in the making, Patrick Schwarzenegger even threw his hat into the ring.

Glen Powell’s X/Twitter game continue to be strong enter the new year. In the meantime, Nathan Fielder, you’re up.

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