George Conway says new developments are ‘very important warning’ for Trump witnesses


Conservative lawyer George Conway stressed the importance of a new development in the legal whirlwind surrounding the former president Donald Trump.

THE The New York Times reported On Thursday, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office negotiated a deal with Allen Weisselbergthe former finance chief of the Trump Organization, it would require him to plead guilty to perjury.

Under potential deal, Weisselberg would have to admit he lied on the witness stand during Trump’s civil fraud trial, and lied under oath during an interview with the New York attorney general’s office, which brought the civil fraud trial.

Weisselberg served just over three months in New York’s Rikers Island prison last year for his role in a tax fraud scheme at the Trump family business.

Conway told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins on Thursday that a possible deal with Weisselberg would not have a direct impact on Manhattan prosecutors’ case against Trump, but that it should serve as a warning to those called to testify.

This case, the investigation into Stormy Daniels’ secret money in which Trump has been accused of falsifying business records is planned to go to trial on March 25.

“So that doesn’t have any direct bearing on that,” Conway said. “But I think it’s a very, very important warning to any witness called to testify in this case, on either side, that they better not lie, because if they lie, they could end up like Weisselberg, at Rikers or some nasty place like that.”

Elie Honig, CNN’s senior legal analyst, agrees, adding that he believes this development will “tie Trump’s hands a little bit” in the secret trial by harming Weisselberg’s credibility as a potential defense witness. .

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