George Carlin Estate Sues Fake AI Comedy Special Creators

The estate of the late comedian George Carlin is suing the creators of a “special” comedy who used AI to recreate his character.

Published on YouTube in early January, the film generated by AI George Carlin: I’m glad to be dead was scripted and presented by AI Dudesy comedy, led by humans Will Sasso and Chad Kultgen. THE one hour video does not really present the real actor, died in 2008. Instead, it’s an AI-generated Carlin impersonation that talks about “topics I think the comedy legend would talk about today.” Currently, the video has over half a million views.

The trial, filed Thursday in federal court in Los Angeles, accuses the video’s creators of copyright infringement, saying they did not have permission to use Carlin’s image or material, including his albums and its comedy specials, on which the AI ​​was trained. The lawsuit describes the video as “computer-generated clickbait that diminishes the value of Carlin’s comedic works and harms his reputation.”

“This is a casual theft of the work of a great American artist,” it reads.

In the filing, Carlin’s estate also said the AI-generated video “could also deter younger audiences, who are not familiar with George Carlin, from engaging with his real work which is his legacy,” and that the creators also violated copyright in their promotion. “special” on the Dudesy podcast and its social media accounts.

The estate is suing for damages and demanding that the creators remove the video from all platforms and destroy all copies.

“The Dudesy Special is a bastardization of Carlin’s true work and legacy,” the filing reads. “George Carlin, if he were alive today, might well have commented on the subjects covered in the Dudesy Special, but he would have had control over the nature of those comments.”

“The Dudesy Special is a bastardization of Carlin’s true work and his legacy.”

In the video in question, the AI ​​claims that the impersonation is “developed in exactly the same way that a human impressionist would…I listened to all of George Carlin’s material and did my best to imitate his voice, his cadence and his attitude as well as the subject I think would have interested him today. As Mashable’s Tim Marcin writes“The Dudesy special is a close copy of Carlin’s voice, not adding context but instead trying to resurrect a ghost. It’s a weird, less funny version of Carlin.”

Kelly, Carlin’s daughter, posted a topic on Twitter/X after the video was released. “My father spent his life perfecting his craft from his human life, his brain and his imagination. No machine will ever replace his genius,” she wrote.

The trial is only last fiasco In AI and copyright and follows the major conversations around AI and sitting writers at the heart of recent Hollywood strikes.

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