Former prosecutor notes judge’s ‘remarkable’ warning to Donald Trump jurors


Former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann on Sunday highlighted what he called a “remarkable” moment during the conclusion of the second libel trial of the writer E. Jean Carroll against the former president Donald Trump when the judge warned jurors against revealing their involvement in the case, for fear of retaliation from Trump and/or his supporters.

Weissmann told MSNBC’s Jen Psaki that “the last time I was in a courtroom where a judge said this to a jury, Vincent Gigante, the former boss of the Genovese family, was convicted.”

The judge in the Gigante case, Weissmann recalled, told the jurors that “they were speaking as one body of jurors” and said: “Even if you are legally free to do it, his strong advice was not to speak individually to the press without any freedom. concern for reprisals from Gigante and his ilk.

“It is remarkable that the same admonition was uttered to a former president of the United States,” Weissmann said. “This is the last time I hear this warning being given.”

Trump was ordered by the jury on Friday to Carroll, compensation advice columnist, $83.3 million for damages for defamation.

Last year, Trump was found responsible for sexually abusing Carroll after she alleged he raped her in a New York department store in the 1990s. In that trial, Trump was also convicted of defamation of Carroll after calling him a “fraud.” This jury ordered him to pay $5 million in damages.

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