Foreign Affairs Minister says Canada-Ukraine security assurance agreement could be concluded within weeks


Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly said Canada and Ukraine are in the home stretch when it comes to reaching an agreement on security “guarantees” for the embattled country.

Speaking from Ukraine in an interview broadcast Sunday on Rosemary Barton live, Joly said the agreement would be a historic moment for Ukraine; similar pacts should be concluded with other G7 countries.

Canada has already sent a draft insurance proposal to kyiv, and Joly said she is in Ukraine to help finalize a deal. Last year, the G7 pledged deals that would include pledges of military support and training for Ukraine. The details of the Canadian proposal are not yet clear.

“I’m here to push to get to the finish line, I think we can wrap it up in the coming weeks,” she told CBC chief political correspondent Rosemary Barton.

WATCH | Joly discusses the negotiations between Canada and Ukraine:

Canada supports efforts to find forcibly deported Ukrainian children, says Joly

Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly made a surprise trip to Ukraine on Friday. Rosemary Barton, CBC’s chief political correspondent, spoke to Joly about Ottawa’s initiative to reunite families there, as well as escalating tensions across the Middle East.

Joly was in Ukraine to meet key officials and visit some of the areas devastated by Russian attacks. The war is nearing the end of its second year of large-scale conflict. Significant parts of the south and east of the country remain under Russian occupation, with the battlefront largely stable compared to the early phases of the war.

Ukraine continues to push for more international support in the form of financing and weapons, as well as long-term security commitments and possible NATO membership. US President Joe Biden has said that Ukraine’s entry into NATO will have to wait until the current conflict ends.

“We know that even one day, when the war ends, and until Ukraine joins NATO, we will have to make sure that Ukraine is strong and has sufficient security and deterrence forces to be able to deter Russia from rearming and re-invading,” Joly said. “Because we know that Russia will always be very dangerous.”

Russia says security arrangements with Ukraine are further increasing tensions and destabilizing Europe.

from Canada language around the problem continues to emphasize “assurances” rather than “guarantees”

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