Disgraced Congressman George Santos Opens Cameo Account

If you were hoping to start the new year without the dramatic machinations of ousted former Congressman George Santos, keep dreaming.

The Republican was expelled from Congress last week and faces 23 criminal charges and 22 years in federal prison. But a real scammer is always on the prowl, and Santos is already thinking up new ways to make money after losing his $174,000 salary.

Just before his expulsion, Santos told reporters that he would consider turning on ABC Dancing with the stars and “would definitely be writing a book.” Deadline has since reported that a film about his life was also in preparation.

But these opportunities will, at best, only be a few months away. In the last 48 hours, Santos found a more immediate solution to its monetary problems by open an account on Cameo, where anyone can pay him to make a short personalized video.

Santos linked his Cameo account on his X/Twitter profile. The narrative attempts to turn Santos’ transgressions into infamy, calling him “an expelled congressman from New York” and a “former congressional ‘icon’!💅🏼”

Earlier this morning, Santos was offering sixty videos for $150 each. At the time of publishing, the price has increased to $200 per video and 175 are available. You can also send him a message for $10.

Santos has already delivered a handful of personalized videos, which can be viewed on the profile.

In one video, he congratulates someone named Paige on her promotion. “You know, it doesn’t matter if you get laid off or get a new job,” he says. “What matters is what you do with it.” He ends his message with “Live, live, laugh and let the haters hate because they will always hate.”

In another, he tells someone named Megan to “fuck the haters.” He wastes no time drawing on personal experience. “Look, they can kick me out of Congress,” he said, “but they can’t take away my good humor, or my larger-than-life personality, or…the absolute pride I have in everything what I did.” He urges Megan to “stand your ground and don’t let them force you out, don’t let them bully you.”

It turns out that Megan is Senator Megan Hunt of Nebraska. The gift, she said in an article on friend gag.

“To be clear, George Santos is a transphobic jerk who has defrauded and harmed people, who says whatever he has to say for attention, and who probably has no personal moral convictions,” he said. -she declared. followed in a post. Still, “I also agree with the advice in this video.”

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