Demand for ‘Dune: Part Two’ crashes AMC website and app

Dune: part two looks like it’s going to be a box office hit. Tickets for the film — which won’t be available until March 1 — went on sale Friday and appeared to crash AMC’s website and cause problems elsewhere as well.

Down detector noted that users had indicated AMC’s website was having issues. Anecdotally, the app didn’t seem any better.

outage detector page showing increased problems with AMC website

Down Detector showed a sharp increase in issues with AMC’s website.
Credit: Screenshot: Down Detector

Users reported receiving an error message when trying to get tickets for the highly anticipated film. Many people have filed complaints online regarding this issue.

There also appears to be an increase in issues with Fandango, via fault detector showed it wasn’t as serious. (Actually, this wasn’t recorded as an outage.) And that might have something to do with the fact that the bug disproportionately affected AMC A-list members who were logged into their AMC accounts on the website and app.

It didn’t appear the issue was fully resolved around 3:30 p.m. ET on Friday. Hopefully fans will be able to get their tickets soon. In the meantime, they are probably forced to cool down and hope.

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