Companies co-owned or sold by Ryan Reynolds are valued at $14 billion, but he says, “Thank God I’m not running the company” as he moves toward billionaire status.


Ryan Reynolds, a name synonymous with Hollywood success, is now making headlines in the business world. His companies that he co-owns or sells to, spanning various industries, are collectively valued at around $14 billion, according to Forbes. Its portfolio includes an F1 team, a football club, an alcohol brand, a wireless network provider and an advertising agency. Reynolds’ business acumen is evident in his ability to identify and capitalize on diverse and lucrative opportunities.

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Reynolds isn’t just a celebrity endorser of products; he is a marketing savant. His strategic use of fame and personality amplifies the brands he is involved with, shaping their identity and growth beyond mere endorsement. This approach was clearly manifested when acquiring a stake in Aviation American Gin. Reynolds’ investment went beyond finances as he infused his humor and relevance into the brand’s marketing campaigns. This strategy contributed significantly to the sale of Aviation Gin to Diageo for $610 million in 2020.

In his involvement with Mint Mobile, Reynolds demonstrated his business acumen. The wireless service provider has seen substantial growth under his influence, leading to a $1.35 billion acquisition by T-Mobile in March 2023. Reynolds’ continued role as spokesperson underscores his commitment to the brands he supports.

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Shortly after the announcement of the sale of T-Mobile, he embarked on his next venture. In April 2023 Interview with Squawk Box to discuss his investment in fintech company Nuvei Corp., Reynolds said, “I don’t know anything about fintech” and “Thank God I don’t run the company.” He recognized the importance of teamwork behind the scenes and his belief in emotional investment.

“How does this happen if you look at a gin company, a wireless phone company and a Welsh football club? They don’t go together, but they all had strong brand foundations,” he said in the interview. He goes for strong businesses that have room to grow in terms of storytelling, which he believes is key to his marketing success and what makes his approach unique.

Reynolds’ business strategy is both practical and intuitive. He recognizes the importance of personal relationships with consumers, transforming his investments into much more than commercial ventures. His blend of entertainment skills and entrepreneurial acumen creates an effective business model. Although he’s not yet a billionaire, Reynolds is on his way to joining the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

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