#BooksforGaza: Writers auction off signed books to help children in Gaza

Since the start of the war against Gaza in October, the number of deaths is estimated at 27,000 lives and 66,000 injured. On 11,500 children would have been killed. Today, some 120 days after the start of the war, the humanitarian crisis facing Palestinians continues to worsen.

In the middle of destruction in Gaza, more than 10 children are lose one or more limbs every day, and more than 1,000 children had to have one or both legs amputated. This reality, according to Save the children, is all the more painful as medical supplies and civil servants are in short supply serious shortage. The United Nations has estimated that the earth “a cemetery” for Palestinian children.

A recently launched online auction is focusing its efforts on supporting children seriously injured by war. #BooksforGazaled by writers Sonia Faleiro and Fatima Bhutto and literary agent Julia Churchill, is a global coalition of writers raising funds for the Ghassan Abu Sittah Children’s Fund. The fund is dedicated to providing medical support to children in Gaza, treating them in Lebanon and easing the burden on the people of Gaza. fragile medical ecosystem.

Books for Gaza offers limited, signed copies from authors around the world. Writers like Sally Rooney, Mohsin Hamid, Kamila Shamsie, Ali Smith, Rupi Kaur, Elif Shafak, Lauren Groff, Olivia Laing, Naomi Klein and Tommy Orange are among the long list of participants. A number of children’s authors also offer their works, such as Nikesh Shukla, Katherine Rundell and Jamie Smart.

Each book up for auction starts at £35, but people can donate more if they can. All funds will be dedicated to reconstructive surgery for children through the fund.

“The mission of the Ghassan Abu Sittah Children’s Fund is to transport seriously injured children and their caregivers from Gaza to Lebanon for surgical, medical, psychological and social care, and to establish a long-term care plan for every child., with the goal of helping every child reintegrate into their community where they can resume their lives as normally as possible,” reads the auction’s mission statement.

At the time of writing, the initiative has raised over £38,300, reaching almost 85% of its target. The auction will continue until February 12.

In an article onBhutto, one of the fundraiser organizers, wrote: “Come buy a book and show the children of Gaza that the world has not turned a blind eye to their suffering and never will.”

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