Best Gift Card Deals: Get deals on gift cards from brands like IHOP, Panera Bread, Victoria’s Secret, Airbnb, and Candy Crush on Amazon

Some people are very It’s hard to please when it comes to gifts (we all know one or two, let’s face it). It’s there that gift cards come to the rescue. As long as you know what brands they like to shop for or where they like to eat, you’re golden. No need to choose a specific gift: let them have the honor of doing it. Amazon recently launched some insane deals on gift cards that will help you shop for everyone on your list. Here are our top gift card picks as of December 7:

Best Gift Card Deals on Amazon

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The gift-giving season is exhausting: humans just weren’t made to make online purchases for everyone on their Instagram “close friends” list. To make things a little easier and fun, Amazon is currently offering promotional credits when you purchase gift cards over a certain amount from certain brands (a little gift for being Santa, one might say). say). Additionally, select gift cards are discounted through Lightning Deals for Prime members. See for yourself what we consider to be the best gift card deals of the season.

Biggest overall savings

Why we love it

Indicate one (1) person who would not benefit from a full-fledged holiday or vacation at this time. Yeah, you can’t. This is why a Airbnb people like the gift card so much. Gift them $250 in Airbnb Cash to spend on their next fairytale getaway to the woods and, at the same time, receive $25 in Amazon credits with the code AIRBNB at the register. Generosity pays off. I told you so.

Best Food Gift Card Deal

Why we love it

Just one mention of the ubiquitous International House of Pancakes is enough to make anyone salivate. Freezing weather and almost overcast days beg for a trip to the nearest IHOP for a short stack (or two, or three), so this gift card is sure to deliver. Furthermore, you will only pay $39.50 for a card worth $50 (if you are a Prime member). That’s the equivalent of eight slices of thrift-smoked hickory bacon.

Mashable Offers

Best non-food gift card deal

Why we love it

Society has yet to unlock Victoria’s sneaky secret, but your The secret of this holiday season will be that you spent $40 on someone’s VS gift card instead of the full $50. This purchase is perfect for your niece who loves the brand’s artificial-smelling lotions, your sister who needs a lingerie upgrade, or basically anyone who is easily seduced by underwear sexy. Give them (and your wallet) confidence by purchasing this gift card ASAP. PS: You must be a Prime I will allow the member to take full advantage of these savings.

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