A Rolex seller meets a thief on Facebook Marketplace. Everything goes wrong from there


Massapequa Park, N.Y. (AP) — An $8,000 transaction on Facebook Marketplace went wrong on Long Island, with a man selling a Rolex watch jumping on the hood of the thief’s car in a quixotic attempt to avoid getting hit. fly.

“I wasn’t going to turn around and let this man take it … without a fight,” Steve Mauro, the seller, told The Associated Press on Sunday.

The 43-year-old had arranged to sell the Rolex, purchased a few days earlier, on Friday in front of his home in Massapequa Park. A potential buyer showed up and asked Mauro to come forward for money. But instead of handing over the money, the thief locked his doors and began speeding away, Nassau County police said.

Coincidentally, officers patrolling the area saw a gray Honda SUV reverse and run over Mauro. Mauro jumped on the hood, but was thrown as the driver fled with the luxury watch, police said. Mauro was treated at the scene for minor cuts to his hand, elbow and knee.

Describing himself as a seasoned Facebook Marketplace seller, Mauro said he didn’t expect foul play.

“I can always spot a crook early on and this guy didn’t have that impression at all,” said Mauro, who ran toward nearby police officers as soon as he was thrown from the SUV. “I started shouting, ‘Go get him, he has my Rolex!'”

But the thief had already left.

Police promise anonymity to anyone providing information about the robbery to Nassau County Crime Stoppers.


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