A convoy calling itself “God’s Army” plans to head to the Texas border to stop migrants from entering the United States.


  • A convoy is heading to the southern border to stop migrants from entering the United States.

  • The group’s leader described their tactic as “inner home defense.”

  • It is unclear what the group plans to do once they arrive at the border.

A convoy of hundreds of people plans to head to the Texas border to stop migrants from entering the country from Mexico.

The group, called “Take Our Border Back,” is organize on Telegram and now has more than 1,600 subscribers.

One of the group’s organizers described them as “The army of God during a scheduling call, according to Vice.

“This is a biblical, monumental moment that was organized by God,” one organizer said, according to Vice.

Another said: “We are besieged on all sides by the dark forces of evil. »

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God. It’s time for the rest to stand up,” they said.

Pete Chambers, a lieutenant colonel who organized the group, claimed he was a Green Beret. He explained the group’s projects while talk to conspirator Alex Jones on his show Infowars on Thursday.

“That’s what the Green Berets do. Unconventional warfare is our bread and butter. Now we’re in the business of domestic homeland defense,” Chambers said.

“What gets us to the enemy quickly is finding, fixing, terminating, exploiting, analyzing and disseminating,” Chambers said, referring to a military process. “That’s what we did in Syria when we eliminated ISIS very quickly.”

He said the group would work with sympathetic members of law enforcement who he described as “constitutionally sound.”

The convoy is scheduled to start Monday in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and three rallies will take place in San Ysidro, California, Yuma, Arizona, and Eagle Pass, Texas, on February 3.

The group has subgroups on Telegram for drivers and passengers in these three states to coordinate trips.

The website describes the event as a “peaceful assembly” inviting all “law-abiding and freedom-loving Americans.”

Wired published an article describing the group as a “armed convoy” after which the group wrote on Telegram: “We are not issuing a call to arms. A call to engage with anyone crossing the border. We are here to peacefully protest under our 1st Amendment, and to pray!”

The group said one of its goals was to immediately end illegal immigration and close the border.

It’s unclear how the group plans to confront migrants at the border and prevent them from entering.

Texas National Guard troops are in conflict with the federal government after deploying barbed wire in a park on the banks of the Rio Grande, where migrants often cross.

Chambers described these troops as “holding the line” and said his convoy would move to an area about 30 miles away.

Rep. Keith Self, a Republican representative from Texas, said he supports the convoy.

Tensions have increased around immigration, and the issue is likely to become a major issue in the presidential election scheduled for later this year.

Migration levels reach record highs, US officials say 300,000 people attempted to cross the border in December.

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