23 Oscar-nominated films streaming (or free) to watch in Canada


With the list of Oscar finalists released this week, most avid movie fans probably know the favorites, the predicted winners and (Barbie, anyone?) the biggest complaints.

But they are probably also aware of the difficulty of seeing everything that is happening. With 53 titles nominated – including 38 feature films – that represents a significant investment of time if you’re planning to go to the movies.

Additionally, more than a quarter of films cannot be viewed at home. Of those that are available, many only offer one-time rental or purchase options. This all adds up to a serious dent in your wallet if you try to watch them all.

To help you out, CBC News has compiled a list of some of the films up for an Oscar this year that you can stream on a subscription service or watch for free without any subscription.

Flower Moon Killers

Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio
Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese and Lily Gladstone are all nominated for Killers of the Flower Moon. (Melinda Sue Gordon/Apple)

Stream on Apple TV+

The American epic by Martin Scorsese Flower Moon Killers is competing for an impressive 10 awards this year – just behind Poor things And Oppenheimer. While Apple’s other popular entry, Napoleon, brought its nomination total to 13, it won’t be available for home viewing until later this year. With Killers vying for Best Actor for Robert De Niro, Best Actress for Lily Gladstone, Best Director for Scorsese, Best Picture and a host of other statues, you can significantly improve your Oscar knowledge with this one film.

Barbie, Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse

A combined image shows, on the left, a group of brightly dressed women sitting in a car and, on the right, two animated figures sitting upside down.
Barbie and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse are both available to stream on Crave. (Warner Bros, Sony)

Stream on Crave

They might be an odd couple, but barbie And Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse have at least three similarities: they were both among the most critically acclaimed films of 2023, they are both Oscar nominated, and they are both available to stream on Crave. While barbie made headlines for its eight nominations in total (and perceived slights against non-nominated director Greta Gerwig and actress Margot Robbie), Spider Man‘s best animated feature arrived during an incredibly competitive year for the genre.


An elderly woman is seen in a living room, holding a cigarette and a glass of brown colored liquid.
Helen Mirren in a scene from Golda, wearing the makeup and prosthetics that earned the film its nomination. (Jasper Wolf/Elevation Pictures)

Stream on Prime

golda may not have received the same level of attention as the previous films, but the transformation her team performed on star Helen Mirren certainly turned heads. Winning Best Makeup and Hairstyling, this film about Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir impressed many – but dismayed others, as the techniques used to believably transform Mirren (who is not Jewish) into Meir sparked a backlash at the timea bit like the controversy surrounding prosthetic nose that Bradley Cooper wore to play the American composer Leonard Bernstein in Maestro.

Kill a tiger

A girl with elastics with shiny hair sits facing the camera.  She sits among the trees and on barren ground.
To Kill a Tiger, by Toronto’s Nisha Pahuja, had a strong showing at last year’s Canadian Screen Awards. It is available for free on YouTube and on the National Film Board website. (TIFF)

Stream for free on Youtubeor the NFB website

From Toronto director Nisha Pahuja, Kill a tiger already had a good performance Canadian Screen Awards in 2023. Now, the heartbreaking but powerful documentary – about a father’s quest for justice after his daughter’s rape – is heading to the Oscars. The entire film is available for streaming on TVO’s YouTube page, as well as on the National Film Board website.


A shirtless boy sits against a chain-link fence as he smokes a cigarette.  In front of him, fuzzy legs run.
Invincible is Vincent René-Lortie’s short film about mental health and coming of age. (H264 distribution)

Stream on TV5Unis (French only)

InvincibleIt is The Oscar nomination was a surprise, especially for its director Vincent René-Lortie. A five-year passion project inspired by the death of a childhood friend, the short now rivals that of Wes Anderson. The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar at the Oscars. Although it is now streamable online, only the French version is available. The film’s distribution company confirmed to CBC that the film will be available on Apple TV in French and English in the coming weeks.

20 days in Mariupol

A man in a bulletproof vest, with the word "press" on it, walks across a dirty, foggy field littered with trash.
20 Days in Mariupol had its Canadian premiere at Hot Docs last year and has stunned audiences ever since. (Mstyslav Chernov/Associated Press)

Stream for free on Youtube or the PBS website

When 20 days in Mariupol began making the festival rounds early last year, it received almost universally rave reviews – including from this reviewer. And now that the documentary about the Russian invasion of Ukraine (filmed by the last international reporting team in the country at the time) is finally being released to regular audiences, it’s starting to generate even more buzz. You can watch the film (which earned The Associated Press its first Oscar nomination) either on the PBS Frontline website or on its YouTube page.

The last repair shop

A child holding a violin and wearing headphones is shown laughing.
Porche Brinker appears in a photo from The Last Repair Shop by Ben Proudfoot. (Projector photos)

Stream for free on Youtube or Disney+

Halifax’s Ben Proudfoot is becoming an Oscar mainstay: first short documentary nomination in 2021 for A concerto is a conversationhe returned there in 2022 to The queen of basketball – and won. He is now heading to Hollywood for the third time, for his new co-directed documentary short. The last repair shop, which is about the hardworking team that repairs musical instruments for Los Angeles public schools.

Nyad, Society of the Snow, May December, Maestro, American Symphony, Rustin, Nimona, El Conde, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar

A combined image shows nine stills from different films.
Nyad, Society of the Snow, May December, Maestro, American Symphony, Rustin, Nimona, El Conde and The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar are all available on Netflix. (Netflix)

Stream on Netflix

If you don’t consider Disney subsidiaries, Netflix was the clear streaming winner of the Oscar nominations. With a total of 18 nominations spread across numerous titles, the service offers a multitude of choices. These choices include: a swimming biopic Nyad, with nods to Jodie Foster and Annette Bening; Inspired by the Andean disaster Snow Society, competing for best international feature film, as well as makeup and hairstyling; country thriller May December; nominated for best original screenplay; Maestro, Which one is in seven categories, including best image; And American Symphony, Rustin, Nimone, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar And Count

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